Upon their endorsement by the User (as defined hereinafter), the following Terms of Use (hereinafter:"the Terms of Use") shall constitute a valid and binding contract between him and the Company.

By logging in to the system, reading the Terms of Use and approving their contents, the User shall be deemed to have endorsed, accepted and agreed to the Terms of Use. does not agree to any of the Terms of Use is requested not to make any use of the system.

  1. Definitions:

    In this document the following terms shall have the meanings appearing next to them:

    "Check transfer/dispatch" or "the service"

    An arrangement by which the Users of the system shall be able to give instructions through it for the transfer of a sum of money (within the limits that shall be specified by the Company) through their bank account (and provided that its details were uploaded into the system and accepted by it in accordance with the list of banks which the Company collaborates with), to a telephone number which is linked to a smartphone in which the system is also installed. Within the framework of the service the User can determine whether the sum of money which is to be transferred shall be limited to one telephone only or whether it shall be transferable by the transferee, as well as the period, of up to 7 days, during which the transferee may deposit the sum of money.

    "The system"

    A computer application which is designed for use on smartphones, desktop computers and laptop computers that was developed and is operated by the Company and which enables the User to make the check transfer.

    "Digital check"

    A name given to describe the transfer instruction which was given and/or received by the User. Each digital check has a different characterization in terms of the amount being transferred, whether it is negotiable or only for the payee only and its repayment date may be immediate or deferred.

    "The Company"

    V-CHECK LTD, Private Company No. 515316834, which operates and updates the system that facilitates the service.

    "The User"

    Anyone who makes use of the system and/or the service including by writing/transferring/duplicating/receiving the digital check.

    "The additional services"

    Services which the Company shall provide the User with in addition to the service and/or such other matters as shall be published and offered to the User in the system in the future.

    "The bank account"

    The User's account held with one of the banks supporting the service provided in the system as it appears from time to time in the system and which the User wishes to transfer the digital check to and/or deposit in the digital check which he received.

  2. Subscribing to the service

    • 2.1

      Anyone wishing to receive the service must download the system to his smartphone device and follow in so far as required the registration procedure prescribed therein, including the filling out of a direct debit authorization and acceptance of the Terms of Use.

    • 2.2

      The applicant for the service undertakes to provide the Company with genuine and valid information supported by such authentic and appropriate documentation as the Company shall demand.

    • 2.3

      The User is exclusively responsible for submitting the information required in order to set up the service and should he discover that erroneous information was inadvertently given to and/or recorded by the Company, the User must notify the Company of this immediately and make sure that the erroneous information has been corrected.

    • 2.4

      The Company shall specify the conditions for using the service and its tariffs in the system and/or through other tools which shall exist in the future.

    • 2.5

      The charge for the service (hereinafter: "the use fee") shall be paid by the User who is depositing the digital check. The use fee shall be deducted from the amount of the digital check which was transferred to the User who is depositing it. By signing up for the service, the User gives his consent and approval to this arrangement.

    • 2.6

      The rates for using the service, including the use fee, whether those prescribed by the Company or those set by any third party, as stated above and hereinafter, shall be published by the Company in the system and they may change from time to time.

    • 2.7

      The amount of the digital check shall actually be deposited in the bank account of its recipient in accordance with the definitions stipulated by the User no later than 7 days from the actual deposit by the recipient of the digital check and the User agrees to and endorses this arrangement.

  3. The User's declarations

    • 3.1

      A User who subscribes to the service shall be deemed to have thoroughly read the Terms of Use and thereafter agreed to them and he shall not make any claim against these conditions and/or against the Company.

    • 3.2

      A User cannot be a person who has not yet reached the age of 16 years and/or who does not hold an account with an Israeli bank which is included amongst the banks that support the service provided by the system. Notwithstanding the provisions of this paragraph, it is clarified that an account can be opened without entering bank account details, although a User who chooses this option cannot deposit a digital check in his account or pay by digital check, but only receive and transfer a negotiable digital check.

    • 3.3

      The User declares, acknowledges and agrees that the transfer of the digital check as defined above and/or the transfer of a payment and/or the receipt of payment and/or the use of the service through the system constitute a pecuniary transfer which the provisions of the Bills of Exchange Ordinance do not apply to, that the use of the word check is for marketing purposes only, and that use of the word check or draft shall not apply the provisions of the Bills of Exchange Ordinance and/or any other provision/regulation/law which applies to bills of exchange as defined in the Bills of Exchange Ordinance, including a check, to the transfer.

    • 3.4

      The User declares that he is aware that the Company is not a bank or a banking corporation, and the service which it is providing does not constitute a banking service of any kind. The User declares that he is aware that the funds in question shall be transferred from the bank account to the Company's bank account and from there after deduction of the service fee to the transferee's bank account as defined by him

    • 3.5

      Should it be required by law, the Company shall be registered as a currency services provider and shall comply with the requirements of the Prohibition of Money Laundering Law, 5760-2222 and the Orders and Regulations enacted pursuant thereto. Without derogating from the generality of the foregoing and in so far as required to do so by law, the Company shall comply with its statutory reporting obligations, and without informing them before doing so, shall submit reports on customers and the transactions which they have made.

    • 3.6

      The User shall be liable for any tax payment and/or taxation event resulting from use of the service and for any report required by law concerning use of the service and the Company shall not bear any responsibility in connection with the foregoing.

    • 3.7

      Subscribing to the service constitutes the User's agreement that any benefit given in connection with the service and/or with the additional services shall not constitute a transaction for a fixed period as defined in the Consumer Protection Law 5741-1981, unless the terms of the benefit shall be expressly determined in writing to be a transaction for a fixed period. Upon expiry of the benefit period the contract between the User and the Company in relation to that service and/or the additional services shall continue upon the same terms which applied prior to the grant of the benefit, without any need to give notice of this to the User and without having to request his renewed consent.

    • 3.8

      The User hereby declares and confirms that he is aware that use of the service is dependent upon the integrity of the cellular network which his cell phone is connected to and the integrity and compatibility with the service of the cell phone device itself.

    • 3.9

      A User who transfers a payment takes upon himself to be fully responsible for verifying that he has the appropriate credit facility in his bank account at the time of making the transfer to the transferee and the transferee undertakes not to make any claim against the Company should the transfer not be carried out on time and for the stipulated sum due to lack of a credit facility in the transferor's bank account.

    • 3.10

      In relation to the transfer of digital checks the Company is not acting as a trustee but as a service provider which has been authorized to implement the instructions given by the User in conjunction with the banks and the digital check recipient. The Company has no control over the Users' financial strength and/or credit facilities and gives no guarantee regarding the identity of the User or that the sender or recipient of the digital check shall complete the transfer.

    • 3.11

      The User shall be fully and exclusively responsible for all the consequences resulting from a failure in the cellular network to which his cell phone device is connected and/or the transfer of the digital check to an unintended recipient, including delayed payment and/or non-receipt of the code needed to transfer the funds, etc.

    • 3.12

      The User declares that he is aware that when transferring a negotiable digital check which he has received to a third party he shall be liable to that third party should the digital check not be deposited due to the lack of a credit line in the bank account of the party who transferred it to him.

    • 3.13

      The Company shall not be liable for any damage, loss or detriment caused by any use made by the User of his cellular phone.

    • 3.14

      Use of a cell phone while driving is illegal and may be dangerous. The User is required not to use the cell phone while driving.

  4. The nature and use of the service

    • 4.1

      The service enables the User to make negotiable and future pecuniary transfers via the smart phone without the need for paper checks (drafts). In addition, the service enables the User to track deposits in and/or anticipated withdrawals from the bank account in relation to which the system was authorized to carry out pecuniary transactions.

    • 4.2

      The funds are transferred by charging the bank account of the User the details of which he entered when registering for the service in accordance with the instructions in the system and/or of the website of the bank which the system contacted during the registration and/or when using the service.

    • 4.3

      The Company is not supported by all banks in Israel. The User must verify before registering in the system that his bank account is supported by the system and that the online access to his bank account is in place and the passwords are current and valid.

    • 4.4

      Before using the service, the User shall be required to open a "User account" in the system by entering his personal details, including, inter alia: his given name, surname, address, email address, identity number, company name, company incorporation number, bank account details and such further details as the Company shall require from time to time. The User shall be identified through a Username and personal password. A User account holder shall only be able to access the service after being identified as the User account holder in the system.

    • 4.5

      When setting up a User account and in order to send a digital check the User is required to give a direct debit authorization on the website of the bank in which the User holds the account from which he wishes to withdraw the funds which shall be transferred by digital check.

    • 4.6

      When registering in the system, the User shall be directed to the Company's website, where the User shall be required to select the "Account Debit Setup" link tab. When this link is selected, a screen shall open in which the User shall select the bank in which his account is held. Selecting a bank from the list shall open a window in that bank's website, while at the same time a screen shall open on the Company's website giving instructions on how to set up a direct debit authorization on the bank's website. After the instructions have been implemented the bank's approval shall be uploaded to the Company's website as a PDF file and confirmation shall be given that the account debit authorization has been successfully implemented.

    • 4.7

      The transferee may be chosen by selecting his name from the list of contacts stored in the cell phone device on which the system is installed and/or by typing in the phone number which he gave.

    • 4.8

      After selecting the transferee, the amount of the digital check which the User wishes to transfer must be specified, while it is clarified that this amount is subject to restrictions based on the Company's internal regulations which may be updated from time to time.

    • 4.9

      After choosing the sum which is to be transferred, the transferor of the digital check must choose the date on which the transferee may actually transfer the funds, while it is clarified and emphasized that the range of dates which the transferor of the digital checks may choose from is subject to the Company's internal regulations which may change from time to time.

    • 4.10

      When selecting the amount to be transferred the transferor of the digital check shall simultaneously choose whether to limit the transfer to the telephone number of the transferee to whom he is intending to transfer the funds to (payee only) or not to restrict the transfer thereby enabling the transferee to transfer the right to deposit the transferred funds on the date which the original transferor of the digital check stipulated to a third party ("negotiable").

    • 4.11

      After entering all of the above data, confirmation of receipt of the digital check shall be sent by text message and/or push notification and/or in such other reasonable manner as the Company shall prescribe, to the transferee's smart phone.

    • 4.12

      Should the system not be installed on his smartphone, the transferee shall have 14 days to install the system from the date of receipt of the digital check and/or the notice that it had been sent to him. After the said 14-day period has expired, if the system was not installed as aforesaid, the transfer shall be canceled and the transferee shall not be able to deposit the funds.

    • 4.13

      Receipt of confirmation that the digital check has been received by the transferee shall not constitute confirmation that the transferor's account shall hold sufficient funds for the transfer to be made on the date of the digital check transfer and/or the prescribed payment date.

    • 4.14

      The User undertakes to assist immediately upon receiving a request from the Company to return amounts that were deposited and/or transferred to his account by mistake.

    • 4.15

      It should be clarified and emphasized that during the period of time between the dispatch of the digital check and its deposit by the transferee or a third party to whom the (negotiable) digital check was forwarded, the sum being transferred from the sender's account is not guaranteed and only when the transferee or the third party as aforesaid deposits the check shall it become clear whether the transferor has the means to cover it.

    • 4.16

      Should there be no coverage for a digital check at the time of its deposit, the User shall be required to pay the outstanding sum by bank transfer within one business day from the date on which it was deposited by the payee, failing which the User's account shall be blocked so as to preclude the dispatch and/or transfer and/or receipt and deposit of digital checks and the only action which he can perform while the payment remains outstanding is to view the data appearing in the system.

    • 4.17

      It shall be clarified that a User who transferred more than two digital checks for which there was no coverage on their repayment dates shall be denied access to the system indefinitely and without warning.

    • 4.18

      The funds shall actually appear in the transferee's bank account within 7 days from their repayment date and deposit in the transferee User's account.

  5. Payments and commissions

    • 5.1

      For the avoidance of doubt, it shall be clarified that any commission paid to the Company for the provision of the service, insofar as it is paid, shall be paid by the party depositing the digital check at the time of its actual deposit by him. The amount of the commissions may change from time to time, as determined by the Company only and in accordance with its publications.

    • 5.2

      The various banks may charge additional commissions when funds are withdrawn and deposited through the system. These commissions shall be paid separately and directly to those entities.

    • 5.3

      The Company may charge commissions for using the additional services in the system and/or any other means through which it shall be possible to transfer funds in the future.

    • 5.4

      The Company shall state in the system prior to confirmation from the transferee that the payment had been deposited, the amount of the commission to be collected from him in addition to the sum which he chose to deposit and the User shall not make any claim against the Company regarding the amount and/or a change in the rate of its commission. It shall be the User's responsibility to verify the current commission rates prior to the transfer and/or deposit of the funds.

    • 5.5

      The tariffs for the additional services shall be as prescribed from time to time by the Company and published by it in the system.

    • 5.6

      The User is aware that the financial transfer is valid and that a situation may be created in which the validity of the digital check expires leaving the transferee unable to deposit it in his bank account.

    • 5.7

      It is hereby clarified that the Company is not responsible for the crediting the User and shall not indemnify the User should the digital check have expired and/or if the User chose not to install the system and/or if the digital check was sent to a different transferee than the one who the User intended to transfer it to.

  6. Storing the User's details

    • 6.1

      The Company shall retain and store the User's details at the time when he registers for the service and his transfer and deposit history, including comments made by the User, in so far as any were recorded, in relation to each deposit, for the purposes of clarifications and documentation in the Company's systems. Should it be necessary to do so, the User's details shall be conveyed to those Users who have proven that payments which were transferred to them were not redeemed due to a lack of coverage, as proof of the digital check transferor's commitment to pay the beneficiary.

    • 6.2

      The User declares that he is aware that within the framework of making the deposit, the Bank may keep in its databases information about the sums which the User was charged by the Bank, the payments which he transferred to and/or from the bank account, etc. and the Company has no access to this information and is not responsible for maintaining its confidentiality and/or its security in the bank's databases.

    • 6.3

      Information about the transfers and the history of transfers and deposits of the User through the system or alternatively through the Company's website (in the User's personal area) shall be at the User's disposal in the system for a period of one year from the date on which they were undertaken. The User may request details from the Company pertaining to his transfer and deposit history for a period exceeding one year and less than seven years. The Company does not undertake to retain information regarding transactions made through the service for a period of more seven years.

    • 6.4

      For the purpose of actively using the service (in order to send/deposit/transfer/duplicate/reject checks) it is possible to enable the system to identify the User by his fingerprint and/or a secret code instead of him having to type a password. It should be emphasized that the fingerprint shall not be stored in the Company's databases, but only in the User's phone, and the system shall receive verification from the phone for carrying out a transaction through a fingerprint only.

    • 6.5

      All information retained by the Company shall be subject to the provisions of the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981.

    • 6.6

      The User may not transfer and/or assign his rights under this Agreement to a third party.

    • 6.7

      The User agrees, beyond what is required by law or agreement, that the information which shall be collected by the Company in the system, as well as additional information about him which is or shall be in the Company's possession shall be used by the Company to enable the Company, inter alia, to bring to the User's attention information about products and services and for the purposes of statistical analysis, improving and/or making changes to the services provided through the system and its contents, and handling claims. The User agrees to the information being passed on for the purpose of processing, storing and/or additional uses accompanying the aforementioned uses and which are required in order to complete them, including to third parties acting on the Company's behalf or under its auspices.

    • 6.8

      Without derogating from the foregoing, the information provided by the User shall belong to the Company, from the moment it is given, and the Company shall be entitled to use it to carry out statistical processing, including through information segmentation. The Company shall maintain the confidentiality of the information subject to the provisions of the law.

    • 6.9

      The User declares that the information being provided by him is full, correct and accurate information which he is imparting of his own free will, without any coercion or pressure, and in so doing he agrees that the Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf can use the information, subject to any law, including in order to send him marketing information, advertisements and/or offers to purchase services and/or products that may be of interest to the User by means of facsimile, an automated dialing system, electronic messaging, texting or any other means of communication. The User's agreement to the Terms of Use constitutes his consent to receive advertising material as stated in section 30A of the Communications Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasts), 5742-1982, as well as consent under the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981. Should the User decide that he does not wish to receive the direct mailing as aforesaid, he must notify the Company of this in writing and/or by following the instructions contained in the messages which shall be sent to him.

  7. Payment by the User

    • 7.1

      The fees for depositing the digital check through the system and using the service shall be paid through the User's bank account (according to the bank account data which he specified).

    • 7.2

      By subscribing to the service, the User consents to and authorizes payment of the fees through the bank account which he defined as aforesaid.

    • 7.3

      It is hereby clarified that the Company is not responsible for the process of deposit and/or withdrawal in the bank account and the User shall be precluded from making any claim against the Company regarding these matters including, inter alia, their date, amount, failure, the details that were taken for the purpose of making them, safeguarding or heaven forbid leaks of the details stored in the bank's databases, the design of the bank's instructions page, its accessibility, the time taken to carry out the deposit/withdrawal and/or the receipt of the confirmation thereof, overcharges, credits, etc.

    • 7.4

      Each calendar month the Company shall send a report detailing the actions taken by the User, if any, together with an invoice for any commissions collected by the Company, to the email address which was given by the User and by endorsing these Terms of Use, the User agrees to receive the report and the invoice in this manner.

  8. Clarifications regarding charges

    • 8.1

      After verifying his details, the Company's customer center shall provide the User with information regarding deposits and/or transfers made during a period not exceeding two years.

    • 8.2

      The Company is not responsible for and does not hold information relating to the User's deposits and/or withdrawals in the bank account or payments made by the User for the service.

  9. Liability for theft, unauthorized use and loss

    • 9.1

      The User shall be responsible for any use made of the service through the cellular telephone on which the system is installed, including use which was not authorized by him, unless it shall be proved that the unauthorized use was attributable to the Company's negligence.

    • 9.2

      The User shall be responsible for any use made of his cell phone, including use which was not authorized by him.

    • 9.3

      The User undertakes to notify the Company and the relevant credit company immediately upon becoming aware of the following events:
      - The transfer and/or deposit of a digital check without his knowledge.
      - The debiting of his bank account for a deposit even though no digital check was transferred.

    • 9.4

      Upon receiving a notice as aforesaid, the Company may suspend use of the Service until the matter for which it was suspended has been resolved.

  10. Disclaimer of Liability

    • 10.1

      The system and the content or services accessed through the system are offered to the User as "As Is". The Company does not undertake that the system shall operate without disruptions or that it is free of inaccuracies, mistakes or errors. The Company hereby disclaims and the User exempts the Company and anyone acting on behalf of the Company in advance from any express and/or implied liability for anything involved in and/or deriving and/or resulting from use of the system including any liability concerning its suitability for a specific purpose or for damages resulting from and/or which may result from any failure, postponement, delay, or omission.

    • 10.2

      The Company shall not bear responsibility or be liable for any direct and/or indirect and/or accompanying and/or special and/or resultant damages and/or or damages of any kind deriving from the development of the system, use of the system and the service, the system's performance and/or inability to make use of the system including, inter alia, loss of business profits, disruption of business activity, loss of business information, disarrangement or loss of data, technology or alternative services which are connected to the system or the support services, even if the Company knew and/or ought to have known about the occurrence of the damages as aforesaid. The User alone shall bear the risk of a disruption to the system.

    • 10.3

      Without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, the Company may, in its sole discretion, terminate provision of the services in the system immediately and without any prior warning, and the User shall be precluded from making any claim regarding this matter against the Company.

    • 10.4

      The User agrees that should the Company for any reason be held accountable or have any liability imposed on it in relation to this Agreement, its liability shall be limited in such a way that the total pecuniary reliefs which it shall be obliged to bear shall not exceed the overall and aggregate amount of the funds which the User had wished to transfer (hereinafter: "the liability ceiling"). For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that the liability ceiling incorporates all the pecuniary remedies which the User may be entitled to from the Company and is the peremptory and overall liability ceiling.

    • 10.5

      The above liability ceiling will apply to any claim of any kind, whatever its causes, including anything related to the service, a discrepancy between the service and the sum deposited and/or to the party who deposited it and/or the date on which it was deposited and/or the fact that it was negotiable or not, the computing infrastructure and other services, delays and/or failures in the initiation, management or precise and prompt completion of transmissions and/or claims based upon a serious breach of contract or obligation, liability or liability conditions, negligence or other tort.

    • 10.6

      For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that the provisions relating to the liability ceiling are intended to cap liability for actual damage and shall not be interpreted as prescribing agreed compensation. The liability ceiling also applies even if this remedy fails to compensate the User for the full amount of his loss or does not satisfy his main objective and even if the company knew or ought to have known about the possibility of damages.

  11. Privacy policy

    • 11.1

      The use and operation of the system by the Company shall be in accordance with and subject to the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981 and the provisions of any other relevant law.

    • 11.2

      Without derogating from the foregoing, the Company shall keep all information in its possession about the User confidential, unless it is obliged by law to convey this information and/or the transfer of the details to a third party is necessary for the purpose of the Company's activity and/or providing the service to the User and/or charging the User for them and/or in order to comply with a valid statutory obligation imposed on the Company to provide information about the User to a specific government or other agency.

    • 11.3

      Cookies are small files containing information which are sent to the User's device when visiting the system. Cookies may contain a variety of information, including about the User's preferences and actions performed in the system. The Company makes use of cookies in order to operate the system, verify details, secure information and improve the User's experience.

    • 11.4

      The User may at any time block or delete cookies by changing the definitions in his smartphone's browser, although doing so may restrict and/or cancel some of the functions or services provided in the system.

    • 11.5

      The Company does all it can to safeguard the User's data by utilizing the standard information security techniques deployed in the industry.

    • 11.6

      Notwithstanding the taking of the measures required in order to secure the information and protect the User's details, the Company shall not bear any liability for leakage and/or disclosure of information due to unauthorized access and prohibited use of information provided by the User during the use of the system.

    • 11.7

      The Company reserves to itself the right to amend and update this protection of privacy policy. Such updates shall be published in the system and have binding force from the date of their publication.

  12. Changes to the Terms of Use

    • 12.1

      The Company may in its sole discretion change or partially cancel the Terms of Use at any time. Should it do so, the updated Terms of Use shall come into force 24 hours after their publication in the system.

    • 12.2

      The User shall be solely responsible for verifying and maintaining the integrity of all his personal data and identification details.

  13. Intellectual Property

    • 13.1

      The rights in the system, including contents appearing therein, belong to the Company and/or to third parties who have granted a user license to the Company. The system contains materials and content which are protected by copyright, patents, trademarks and other intellectual property rights in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel and international conventions to which the State of Israel is a signatory.

    • 13.2

      The copying and/or publication and/or transmission and/or reproduction and/or sale and/or distribution and/or creation of derivative works from the system and/or parts thereof, including the contents appearing therein, by the User and/or anyone else acting under the user's auspices, is strictly prohibited. The User and / or any other person undertake not to infringe the rights of third parties and/or the Company nor to breach the Terms of Use of this system.

  14. Prohibition on unlawful or proscribed use

    • 14.1

      As a condition for using the system, the User undertakes not to utilize the system and its content for any illegal purpose, for purposes for which the system was not intended and for any purpose prohibited by the terms, updates and notices that shall appear in the system from time to time.

    • 14.2

      Without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, the User undertakes not to make use of the System and its contents, upload to the system, or retrieve, transmit, distribute or publish information or other material which may inhibit or prevent use of the system by others, the publication or use of which is prohibited, or which constitute a threat, insult, slander, defamation, pornography, or other offensive expression, which may encourage, coax, motivate or assist another to commit an act prohibited by law or which may entail legal liability, which may infringe another's proprietary rights, including intellectual property, copyrights, patents, protection of privacy rights, or any other proprietary rights, including a virus or other software which may damage a computer program, or which include an advertisement of any kind without the Company's express, prior written consent.

  15. Miscellaneous

    • 15.1

      Any additional conditions specified in another official information source of the Company in relation to the service and/or the additional services and/or any other service of the Company, which is not included herein, shall be added to and not derogate from these Terms of Use.

    • 15.2

      Should there be any discrepancy between them, the Terms of Use shall override the additional terms as defined above, unless expressly stated to the contrary.

    • 15.3

      The Company may transfer and/or assign to a third party at any time its rights against and obligations towards the User.

    • 15.4

      Failure to exercise its rights under the Terms of Use shall not mean that the Company has relinquished them.

    • 15.5

      The Terms of Use shall be constantly displayed by the Company in the system.

    • 15.6

      The Company's mailing address is Moshe Sharett St. 6 Rishon LeZion or support@v-check.co.il.

    • 15.7

      The Company may notify or update the User of such matters as it deems fit in the manner specified above and should the manner in which the User is to be updated not be specified, then the Company may choose to do so through any reasonable means, including, inter alia, by a Push Notice, or a text or email message.

    • 15.8

      The Company's customer service center shall be available to answer any question or clarification request regarding the service.

    • 15.9

      This Agreement is subject to the laws of the State of Israel and the courts in the Tel Aviv-Jaffa District (according to their subject-matter jurisdiction) shall have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any dispute between the User and the Company and/or any dispute relating to this Agreement.

    • 15.10

       This document was updated on: 20/1/2019.